Since opening in 1930, Publix Supermarkets have been a Florida favorite. Shopping there is still a pleasure, and many of us worked there in our high-school days and beyond!

First Publix in Winter Haven, Florida, 1930.

Typical Publix in the late 1950s.

Just for fun, AND NOT FOR CURRENT-DAY PRICING, here’s a Publix ad from September, 1956. For those who may never have seen it before, the “C” after the price indicates “cents,” so a pack of hot dogs priced at 39c meant they cost thirty-nine cents! Easy and fun, right?

And, for those unfamiliar with the concept, S&H Green Stamps were a neat little freebie dispensed at the checkout based on your purchase total; so many stamps per dollar spent. You pasted those Green Stamps in a little booklet and redeemed them for nifty household items. I’m still using the drill I “bought” with Green Stamps back in 1968! Not only Publix gave these to customers; so did gas stations and other stores. There were a few different kinds of stamps, too. I remember Top-Value stamps. But S&H Green Stamps were the biggies.

Lick those stamps, paste ’em in a book, and buy a lamp or a TV set!