They Say It’s Your Birthday! Happy Birthday To You!!!


One of my best friends in the world is having a birthday tomorrow! Our Boston Terrorist, Murphy, turns five!!!

Murphy, 12:20:12

“How can you refuse my plea for more chicken?!?!?!?”

If you detect a woe-is-me expression on Murphy’s face in this photo, it’s because I wouldn’t give him another piece of the Kentucky Fried Chicken that Patty brought home tonight. Murphy would eat a herd or flock or whatever they’re called of chickens if he thought that he could get away with it!

Our everlasting thanks to Lori and Kevin, Murphy’s original parents, who are such wonderful people. We keep in touch and Lori reports that when she asks her children where Murphy is, they respond, “He’s with Jim and Patty!”

Thanks also to Christine, director of the Old Dominion Boston Terrier Rescue, who arranged for Murphy to join our lives on October 29, 2011, after Patty and I became part of their foster program. Thanks, also, to two wonderful people, Dani and Elizabeth, who saw me moping around the office daily and convinced me to take a chance on loving another dog.

It has been a wonderful fit and Murphy has brought such joy and fun into our lives. Our granddaughter Maddie loves Murphy and he loves her in return; when they play together my face hurts from laughing so much. That’s unusual, because my face normally only hurts other people.

Murphy The Storm Dog, 10:29:12

Murphy Chews a Toy During the Recent Hurricane

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Murphy!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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Been busy and haven’t posted in a couple of weeks, but I wanted to wish you all a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday!


Murphy Supervises The Construction

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Murphy, our Boston terrier, is very interested in the sewer-pipe replacement activity going on in front of our house. As the photo shows, he pays strict attention to all that goes on, though he is sometimes nervous about the loud noises and shaking of the house that are part of this effort.

Here we see Murphy watching as the LBT is smushing the dirt in the big hole dug by the other machines.

I have been on the lookout in case the final resting place of Jimmy Hoffa is discovered, but so far, he has not surfaced. One of the crew said to me the other day, “This is a big pain and inconvenience for the folks on your street, but just think: In a week or so you’ll have brand-new feeder pipes for your sewerage!”

Yes; that is a wonderful thing to contemplate, and I hope that I can restrain myself from lording it over those with lesser sewerage-feeder pipes. They can’t help it, and it would just make them jealous.

Ice Cream Soda; Delaware Punch . . .


I’ll show you who is my Honey Bunch:


Of course, he joins Patty, Neenie, Aaron, Greg, Maddie, Sophie, Katie and a honey-bunch of others, but Murphy is such a wonderful little friend. The funniest thing about Murphy is that he is not in the least intimidated by anything or anyone, and he keeps me in line by yapping at me when he feels it’s time to play tug-of-war, or go watch TV or go to bed.

He’s shown above as he barks at me to COMPLY! The photo doesn’t show his tail, or what passes for his tail, wagging a mile a minute. You can see that he’s exasperated, though.

Here’s another photo from a few minutes ago, where he’s jumping up on my leg. Please notice his magic eyes and stylin’ Hawaiian collar. Murphy is all about style, though he doesn’t impose his preferences on me:

Thanks for being my buddy, Murphy.

“Sorry, Murphy; 404 Not Found Error!”


My grand-daughter Maddie shows Murphy how to surf the Net.