Just received an email from Kevin, an editor at WordPress, that they’ve chosen my most recent blog entry, about the passing of Joe Kubert, as one of their daily Freshly Pressed featured blog entries. It should be in tomorrow or Wednesday’s edition (link below).

Evidently, Freshly Pressed, on the WP homepage, highlights 19 blog entries a day from the over 428,000 blogs they publish as being worthy of note. So I’m excited, honored and pleased to be included in such a group!

I started this blog at the encouragement of two special friends, and am still feeling my way through the process. During my current job search, I find myself with idle hands and you know how dangerous that can be!

My main goal is to provide entertainment to whomever stumbles across this space, and maybe start some discussions that are worthy of interest. I love writing and graphics, and this blog allows me to keep my hand engaged in both.

Anything else, like this Freshly Pressed mention, is gravy!!!


Freshly Pressed from WordPress!