I don’t mind paying a reasonable fee to an auto repair shop, but I refuse to be gouged.

Our 2006 Volkswagen New Beetle convertible needed an O2 sensor replaced. I had Patty drop it off at the VW dealer next to her office in Silver Spring, Maryland. I don’t want to name the dealer, but their name starts with a D and ends with an ARCARS.

They wanted to charge a $120 diagnostic fee, an hour of labor at $126 and $231 for the sensor, for a total (not including tax) of $477.

I immediately balked at the diagnostic fee, which they immediately agreed to waive. It was very immediate. But that still left an estimate of $357.

I looked that O2 sensor up on the Web and found that a Bosch replacement costs less than $60.

So I’m going to pay the dealer the $120 diagnostic fee and have the car serviced somewhere else.

I’ll continue this saga here on my blog, because it’s mine and I can if I want to, and you’ll be hearing more as it happens!!! This should be interesting.